Airborne Electronic Hardware Design Assurance

A Practitioner's Guide to Rtca/Do-254

"Preface This book was inspired by, and evolved from, the experience we gained while teaching the DO-254 class at RTCA in Washington, D.C. and at numerous companies throughout the United States and abroad. In some respects it is the logical extension of our DO-254 class, and in fact some of the material in this book shares common origins. Most of this book, however, is a testimony of the lessons learned and wisdom gained from many years of first-hand experience in the design, verification, and approval of airborne electronics and software, including some of the very first projects in which DO-254 was applied, and also including the very first projects where DO-254 was applied at the LRU level. The early years of DO-254 were seminal to us for revealing not only the difficulties inherent in applying a comprehensive document like DO-254 to a very narrow target, but also for the labor pains endemic throughout the industry as it struggled to understand--let alone comply with--this new way of doing business. Pain is a hard but effective teacher, so by any measure those of us who experienced those years should be geniuses by now. As we and the rest of the industry adjusted and eventually mastered both the document and its ramifications, we were able to discern the practices and techniques that complemented the processes in DO-254 and therefore worked best in this new environment. This book documents the practices and techniques that we have identified and witnessed as being compatible with the intent of DO-254,and which thus make the road to compliance and eventual approval as direct, efficient, and effective as possible"--

Randall Fulton has over 36 years of electrical engineering experience in software and electronic hardware development and verification. He holds a BS from the Pennsylvania State University and earned his FAA DER credentials in software and programmable logic devices while working at Boeing Commercial Aircraft. As a DER, he has had approval authority for programmable logic devices since 1997 and has worked numerous Part 23 and Part 25 certification programs with field programmable gate arrays, ASIC, and software. Randall, along with Roy Vandermolen, taught the DO-254 practitioners course for RTCA in Washington, D.C. from 2006 to 2009. Randall has also taught the Airborne Electronic Hardware Job Functions class for the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City. Randall works as a FAA consultant DER through his company SoftwAir Assurance, Inc. Roy Vandermolen is an electronics design engineer with over 35 years of experience ranging from vacuum tubes to programmable logic devices, but has spent the majority of that time designing and verifying programmable logic devices and the circuit cards that employ them. Roy holds a BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is currently a staff engineer and certification manager for electronic flight control systems at Moog Aircraft and an airborne electronics hardware OBAR for Boeing Commercial Aircraft. Roy has worked in a variety of engineering environments including research laboratories, educational institutions, military R&D facilities, and commercial aircraft flight controls manufacturers. At Moog Aircraft, Roy has been involved in the design, verification, and certification of numerous Level A flight control systems. Roy, along with Randall Fulton, taught the DO-254 practitioners course for RTCA in Washington, DC from 2006 to 2009.

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