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Amor altert nicht

Paarbeziehung und Sexualität im Alter

Aging poses a number of challenges to all of us, and this is true for the area of love, partnership and marriage, too. Physical changes to the body, individual past events in life, present life situations, conflicts and partnership dynamics all play a role and are all affected by the respective social norms. This volume provides elderly people with the knowledge and the practical support they need to (re)discover their often dysfunctional or long-lost sexual relations as well as to develop or intensify new ones. Here they can find out how and why physical diseases may change the partnership and its sexuality. They are also given suggestions on how to maintain a lively and erotic relationship to their partners.The exercises and questions provided in the individual chapters serve to improve both one´s own sexual experience as well as to reflect on and reclaim the partner relationship. Tips are also given on relevant books and films to procure in order to gain new perspectives. The sexual therapist and general practitioner Elisabeth Drimalla encourages her readers to take a playful approach to her book and its contents.But this volume is also of interest to physicians and psychotherapists in need of refreshing their knowledge about modern sexual therapy. Often training fails to look at how to treat sexual problems, despite the fact that such disorders are quite common in practice.The contact addresses given at the end of this book assist in obtaining professional support in counseling centers or from sexual therapists. The free downloadable materials contain a number of questionnaires and exercises.

Dr. med. Elisabeth Drimalla ist Fachärztin für Allgemeinmedizin und ärztliche Psychotherapeutin. Sie arbeitet als Einzel- und Gruppenpsychotherapeutin sowie als Paar- und Sexualtherapeutin in eigener Praxis in Hannover.
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