Cacti and Succulents for Cold Climates

274 Outstanding Species for Challenging Conditions

There are lots of good reasons to grow cacti and other succulents - they're drought-tolerant, low-maintenance, and they look great. But what about hardiness? If you thought that these spectacular plants were only for gardens in hot climates, guess again - hundreds are fully cold-hardy, and can be grown easily in cold areas.


Leo J. Chance is a professional gardener who has also worked as a professional plant buyer and propagator. He lectures frequently on cacti and succulents as well as water-wise gardening.

The Professional Gardener (No. 136 July 2012) Leo Chance is a professional gardener based in Colorado who has spent the last three decades growing, studying and researching a wide range of hardy cacti and succulents, capable of growing in zone 5. Here he discusses the concept of hardiness and how to improve a plant's chances of surviving a harsh winter, including dormancy, provenance, watering, feeding, siting of plants, and other cultural practices that will enhance hardiness...plants are dealt with in some detail, and there is a wealth of useful information here for those wishing to expand their collection. Peter Berresford Literature Review (CactusWorld Vol. 30 (3) In a world of spiralling energy prices which make heating a greenhouse in winter an expensive proposition for many growers, Leo Chance has produced a useful book which considers cacti and succulents that are suitable for cold climates... Anyone who already has an interest in cold-hardy cacti and succulents would find this book of great interest in providing new species to try either in a cold greenhouse or outside as well as new ways to approach cultivation.
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