How to Lead a Quest: A Handbook for Pioneering Executives

A Handbook for Pioneering Executives

Unlock progress through doubt and uncertainty
The biggest threat facing modern business is the sheer complexity of an uncertain future. That, and the fact that everyone is busy. Too busy for progress.
Workplace cultures have become cursed with efficiency. And so when it comes to developing strategy, we default to our defaults.We favour quick fixes, easy templates and familiar approaches, developing 'robust plans' that do little to mitigate strategic risk or generate new value. The result? The future comes, and businesses die.
But no longer! *cue trumpets* How to Lead a Quest is a book for pioneering leaders - folks who know that enterprise strategy is far too important to condemn to 'smart goals', 'a clear vision for the future' and other such rubbish. Within this book, you'll discover how to:
* liberate enterprise leadership and workplace cultures from the curse of efficiency, default thinking and the delusion of progress
* explore complex and uncertain futures to find profound insights that mitigate strategic risks and ensure your business model remains viable
* create new value and enduring relevance by pioneering into unchartered and unprecedented territory
* embed new structures and rituals into your enterprise to build for the future, while still delivering operational excellence today.
Not for the faint of heart or short-of-wit, this uniquely refreshing book bravely tackles the paradox that is pioneering leadership. You'll discover how to lead meaningful progress - even if you don't know what the goal or destination looks like.


Dr Jason Fox is a modern day wizard-rogue with enterprise lock-picking skills and a learnable knack for navigating through uncharted territory.
With deep expertise in motivation strategy and design, Jason unlocks and amplifies pioneering leadership within enterprise strategy and workplace culture.
His clients include the senior executives of Fortune 500 and ASX 200 companies, through to bold startups in rapid rowth.
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