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How to Use Sun Tzu's Art of War: An Easy Strategy Guide for Modern Day Competition

Sun Tzu's legendary manuscript about strategy, The Art of War, is utilized in business, sports, and every kind of modern day competition.  You hear his words quoted by business moguls, political leaders, entrepreneurs, professional sport coaches, etc.  And you may have even picked up a translated copy for yourself.  However, when you open the book you find the pages are filled with heady stuff about sieges, rivers, rolling stones, the weather, musical notes, and so on.  You rub your head and say: "How am I supposed to use this in real life?"

This book, How to Use Sun Tzu's Art of War, is designed to help you do exactly that.  All the major points in the Art of War are summarized and rendered to its clearest and most concise form, and then followed by its modern day interpretations.  It is full of examples and scenarios to make sure the essence of this great work is easily understood, giving you the fundamentals so that you can apply these timeless principles to any modern day competition.

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