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Jeff Madison and the Curse of Drakwood Forest (Book 2)

“Punch fear in the face. Be a true friend. Do what matters.”

“Punch fear in the face. Be a true friend. Do what matters.”
Jeff Madison--dream catcher, loyal friend and fearless teenager--must save his best friend Rhed from a devastating spell which was cast on him during their last visit to Drakmere. But from this dark kingdom, two evil witches send forth unspeakable horrors. Can Jeff overcome Wiedzma’s terrifying screatures and Zorka’s flesh-eating shadowraiths?
As Wiedzma’s screatures endanger Jeff’s family and Zorka’s Zombies call for blood, the curse on Rhed becomes life threatening … time is running out. By fine-tuning the dream-catcher abilities that can save his friends who journey to Drakwood Forest in search for Rhed’s cure, Jeff unknowingly sinks ever deeper into darkness.
In this new action-packed fantasy adventure, we meet up again with the brave Sandustian warriors Rig and Madgwick, new warriors Khrow and Horrigan, the cranky and hilarious witch Angie, and the very hungry dragon Watroc. Ultimately it is Angie who must negotiate for Rhed’s life. Will she succeed or will Rhed be lost to the Prince of Drakwood Forest forever?
Editors review:
“From the very first page the reader races off on an adventure filled with magic, scary creatures, and fierce warriors. It’s a great pleasure to accompany Jeff and his gang on their wild ride. I rooted intensely for Jeff, and came to love him and his crew. Jeff Madison is a terrific roller coaster of a story with a bang-up, wonderfully satisfying ending.”
–James Thayer.
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