Knitted Cats & Kittens

This fabulous book of knitted cats and kittens is overflowing with style and personality and is suitable for cat-loving knitters of all abilities. There are 20 projects to choose from, including the stripy Rainbow Cat, the Floppy Moggy and the cuddly Kitty Kat

Sue Stratford owns and runs The Knitting Hut, a yarn and needle supplier, and she finds the yarns she stocks there and her customers a constant source of inspiration. She teaches knitting and crochet workshops as well as offering advice to customers, and loves sharing her skills with others. She always has countless knitting projects on the go. Sue lives in Milton Keynes with her husband and five children.

'Knitted Cats & Kittens' by Sue Stratford is a funny alternative to the usual knitted animal books based around bears or bunnies. There are 20 cats and kittens of all shapes, sizes and colours and even a pattern for mice and a scratching post thrown in for good measure. The alley cat is my favourite in the entire book. There are two pages on materials, advice on yarn, filling, safety eyes and threads. There are also two pages on techniques such as i-cord, mattress stitch (all the cats and kittens are based on flat knitting with two knitting needles), wrap and turn, three-needle cast off, fair isle technique, intarsia technique and chain stitch. The diagrams are very clear and easy to follow. The author has the usual abbreviations at the back of the book but she has not specified what yarns she has used throughout the book. At the beginning of each pattern she just writes 'DK' which is fine but personally I would have liked to be told which yarn was in the picture of the cat to try and make it look as good. There are a huge array of different 'DK' yarns which could look completely different when knitted up as a cat. She does not specify how much yarn you will need either - just one ball or two balls and in some of the larger projects this may leave you to run out of yarn when you are almost at the end. She does tell you how big the cats will come out and the tension so if you made sure your yarn will knit up to the same tension you would not have any problems, but beginner knitters may not understand this. She says at the beginning of the book that 'In all cases, unless the pattern states how many balls are needed, just one ball or less has been used. Quantities are only provided for projects that require more than one ball.' Apart from this the book is super cute and has a whimsical air about it. The cats are well constructed and the book would be a lovely addition to any toy knitter's Aside from knitting, owning a cat has to be one of the most enjoyable hobbies around. Celebrate your love of these furry creatures by bringing them to life in knitted stitches. In Sue's latest book there are cats with all sorts of personalities to create, in a range of styles and sizes. You can even make a mini scratching post and tiny knitted mice for your feline friend to play with! You'll also find a pattern for a snuggly cat hot water bottle cover and a doorstop that we just love.-Knit Today Filled with fun from cover to cover, you'll love these adorable knitted cats and kittens in all shapes and sizes. It's suitable for hand knitters of all abilities. There are also feline projects to make including a hot water bottle cover and a doorstop, plus a knitted scratching post, colourful knitted balls and a family of mice.-Machine Knitting Monthly Cats are such popular pets that a book on making cat toys is bound to be a hit. There is a cat in here for every moggie lover, twenty in total from a tiny puss to Supercat, stripy creation to outlandish monster, and many in between. I love the fact that they are not all just soft toys, but a hot water bottle cover and doorstop as well, plus a Christmas cat in a stocking that would make a great ornament. There are accessories too, tiny mice, a basket, scratching post and balls to chase--which are sure to make any toy more fun to play with - along with clothes to dress them in. At the beginning the author has several pages where she describes the yarns and some techniques, but this is not a beginner's book so you must learn the basics of knitting elsewhere. This book is aimed at improvers and intermediate knitters, those who can read a pattern and know how to make up a toy without staged diagrams. In short, it is a book of projects not a how-to book. Each pattern has a large photograph of the finished item plus a list of everything you need to buy, tension and the size of the toy. Patterns are in written form (no charts) and use a variety of different yarns, including variegated and fluffy for different effects. This is a lovely book for all those who enjoy knitting, and will yield up enough toys and ornaments for many gift-giving occasions and charity fetes for Cats come in all varieties and Sue Stratford has knitted a good assortment of felines in her latest book "Knitted Cats & Kittens". There are 20 purrfectly sweet kitty's from pure breds to strays for you to knit. Sue has also written knitting books on meerkats and mini Christmas items to knit and crochet. Cats and kittens enjoy their playtime. So, included are patterns for balls, mice, a scratching post and a bed for the pet in your life to take enjoyment and comfort in. Sue starts the book with materials and techniques you will use. Yarns vary from sock yarn and eyelash to fur and angora. The photographs are cute vignettes. 'Cosy Toes' is a cat hot water bottle cover. Worked on size 6 and 13 knitting needles with fur yarn. A warm comforting kitty to snuggle up in bed with. There are cartoon cats like 'Super Cat' and dress-up 'Kitty Kat' along with her outfits and even a 'Doorstop Cat'. 'Clematis' is a decorative cat with petals, leaves and stems adorning her. If funny, colorful or playful cats and kittens are more your type... you will find those here also. None of the patterns have a skill level but if you can knit the basics you should be on your way. Remember to give a few of the finished ones away. You don't want the reputation as the cat
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Einband gebundene Ausgabe
Seitenzahl 112
Erscheinungsdatum 06.02.2013
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-84448-846-9
Verlag Search Press Ltd
Maße (L/B/H) 239/188/16 mm
Gewicht 574
Abbildungen 200 colour illustrations
Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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