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Vegan Italian Style - English Edition

Mediterranean cuisine, especially Italian cooking, has a wide-range of recipes which satisfy the demands of a healthy and ethical vegan life-style. Most of the traditional Italian first courses and all dishes made with raw and cooked vegetables fully meet the needs of vegans. Many other recipes can be adapted to vegan philosophy simply by replacing cow's milk with soy or rice milk, and butter with vegan margarine. It is easy to find many different recipes in cookery books or on the web, which tend to use exotic ingredients usually from the East. This booklet sets out to be different: its aim is to reinvent a "e;vegan style"e; of cooking for some of the traditional and regional Italian recipes, which are known for their use of meat and other animal products. This is challenging - we want our dishes to be both visually pleasing and to replicate the taste of the original ones. This is only a starting point so that you can go on making new and original recipes in the kitchen.
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