Annette Blöcher

Prof. Annette Blöcher teaches business management at the Schmalenbach Institute for Economics at Cologne University of Technology.

Entrepreneurship von Annette Blöcher

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Entrepreneurship means thinking and acting in a businesslike way & a mindset that is equally relevant for start-ups and for established companies in solving the challenges of managing a business. Entrepreneurial ventures are characterized by a capacity for innovation, effectiveness, proactiveness and a willingness to take risks, as well as flexibility and agility. In planning and organization, there are many different approaches that make entrepreneurial thinking possible and promote it, but there are also approaches that may inhibit it. From this point of view, this book looks at the challenges facing companies, discusses normative issues and explains company planning as the basis for entrepreneurial activity. Building on this, ways of developing strategic options and business models, as well as opportunities for organizational implementation are indicated. In addition, the influence of corporate culture on entrepreneurial thinking and action is examined. The focus of the presentation is on knowledge transfer and practical benefits.

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