Thomas Kellner

Ing. Mag.(FH) Thomas Kellner, Elektrotechniker, Studium Immobilienwirtschaft u. Facility Management an der FH-Kufstein in Tirol. Abschluss 2008. Derzeit tätig als Facility Manager in einer Hausverwaltung.

Tango Metropolis von Thomas Kellner

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Tango Metropolis

Tango Metropolis

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The photographer and scientiest Rolf Sachsse wrote a fascinating essay for the catalog about Thomas Kellner’s new Serie, Tango Metropolis. Using a variety of tools, Thomas Kellner has created a series dedicated to the world's most famous monuments. These iconic buildings are already known from everyone but he offers the public to rediscover them through his camera and work. This portfolio is a set of deconstructed pictures that are, according to Rolf Sachsse, part of mannerism and cubism movements. Mannerism is the first influence of Thomas Kellner because he took modern elements that surround us and converted them into piece of art without keeping them identical. Indeed, to create the portfolio, Thomas Kellner deconstructed every cliché he took to rearrange them the way he wants. This set of pictures brings together stiles but also motions. Thanks to a creative work on spaces and ratios, Thomas Kellner makes the monuments dance for his camera. In his contact sheets, each picture has a story to tell with authenticity. Through this set, Thomas Kellner has proven the genius of his art and the modernity he demonstrates.

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