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In the Moon of Asterion (The Child of the Erinyes, #3)

The Child of the Erinyes

Rebecca Lochlann

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Book Three, The Child of the Erinyes series.

There is a beast in the labyrinth... a monster. The people say he is both man and bull; some call him Asterion, others the Minotaur. Of all Crete's citizens, only two dare enter his lair. One bears his child. The other sees the Goddess in his eyes.

Terrifying yet compelling, the beast offers Crete's only hope for redemption.

In the third installment of The Child of the Erinyes, Queen Aridela sets out to rebuild her devastated country. Will she sacrifice her beloved consort as ancient tradition demands? Chrysaleon seeks a way to escape his vow of death and subjugate his adopted land. Can he thwart the Goddess and survive? Menoetius must offer his allegiance. Who will win his loyalty? His brother, or the woman he loves?

The choices these three make have unforeseen, horrific consequences, changing the course of history and propelling Goddess Athene's triad toward fulfillment of a bold, far-reaching design.

"Together we bring forth a new world, and nothing will ever part us."


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Erscheinungsdatum 10.04.2013
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9780983827757
Verlag Erinyes Press
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