Bookclub-In-A-Box Discusses the Paris Wife, by Paula McLain: The Complete Package for Readers and Leaders

Bookclub-In-A-Box Discusses the Paris Wife, by Paula McLain: The Complete Package for Readers and Leaders

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Ernest Hemingway was larger than life and created his own personal and professional mythical status. Paula McLain brings us an intimate portrait of Hadley Richardson, Hemingway's first wife. Hadley, a lovely and talented young woman in her own right, met Hemingway and was swept off her feet by this young man who was eight years her junior. McLain draws a superb portrait of the Hemingways' magical time traipsing around Europe with their friends. She poignantly demonstrates how their enchanted relationship systematically falls apart. Bookclub-in-a-Box has created a comprehensive guide to Paula McLain's novel, The Paris Wife, and includes reflections on the personality and perceptions of Hadley Richardson and Ernest Hemingway; Hadley's influence on her husband; Hemingway's progress in breaking into the literary world; and the high life and exciting times of Paris in the 1920s.Every Bookclub-in-a-Box discussion guide includes complete coverage of the themes and symbols, writing style, and interesting background information on the novel and the author.

Marilyn Herbert, the creator of Bookclub-in-a-Box, located in Toronto, Canada, is an international speaker and writer. As a former teacher and school librarian, she adapts her education skills to the effective and thought-provoking consideration of literary fiction and film. Bookclub-in-a-Box has over fifty published guides for contemporary novels. The company was established in 2002 and has an international customer base and subscriber list. Our discussion guides offer an interactive, yet educational, platform for interpreting and enjoying modern fiction. They are ideal for use by book club members, teachers, students and all readers. Samantha Bailey, a published author, has more than fifteen years of experience writing, editing, and teaching English. She has a master's degree in education, and runs her own freelance writing and editing business called Perfect Pen Communications. Graeme Bayliss is a young writer and avid reader, with an honors bachelor's degree in English literature from the University of Toronto. In addition to his work at Bookclub-in-a-Box, he is a contributor of fictional and nonfictional prose to several university publications. Laura Godfrey is the associate director of Bookclub-in-a-Box, in charge of research, editing, and marketing, and is the voice behind the Bookclub-in-a-Box blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. She has an honors BA in English and professional writing from York University and a diploma in journalism from Centennial College. She is also a freelance writer for "Quill & Quire" magazine and a copy editor for "Torontoist."




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