Corsican Caper
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Corsican Caper

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When billionaire Francis Reboul finds himself on the wrong side of a Russian tycoon, he's fortunate to have vacationing friends Sam Levitt and Elena Morales on hand to help him out. Now it's up to Sam-who's saved Reboul's neck before-to negotiate with an underworld of mercenaries, hit men, and Mafioso, to prevent his friend from becoming a victim of "Russian diplomacy." As usual, Sam and Elena still find time to enjoy the good life, but as Sam's sleuthing draws him closer to the truth, he realizes Reboul might not be the only one in trouble. Rich with clever twists, sparkling scenery, and mouthwatering gustatory interludes as only Peter Mayle can write them, The Corsican Caper is an adventure par excellence.

"A delight to read. . . . [A] romp exhorting the pleasures of the French countryside. . . . Bon appetit!" -The Post and Courier

"There is a way to enjoy delicious meals in the south of France amid gorgeous scenery with many bottles of wine (particularly rose) but no calories. You can enjoy it all vicariously through Peter Mayle's [The Corsican Caper]. . . . You're in good company with Mayle's cast of characters." -The Columbus Dispatch

"Filled with fascinating characters and punctuated with culinary delights," -Palm Beach Daily News Peter Mayle, 1939-2017 war Kellner, Busfahrer und erfolgreicher Werbetexter, bevor er 1975 dauerhaft in die Provence zog und Schriftsteller wurde. Seine Bücher wurden Millionenbestseller.
Peter Mayle is the author of several novels and books of nonfiction, all of which are set in Provence. He has received the "Légion d'Honneur" from the French government for his cultural contributions.




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