First Degree Innocence

First Degree Innocence

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A terrible mistake has been made, and her insistence of innocence falls on deaf ears. Even her fellow inmates don't believe her as it's a claim they all make. Alone in the world, she has no one to turn to for help, and not a single soul to campaign for her least until she makes a valuable friend. In the meantime, a plan for retribution is brewing, and naïve Carrie finds herself smack dab in the middle of an evil scheme concocted by the prison bully. A ten year sentence seems mild when she's threatened with death for refusing to participate. Can Carrie find a way out of this horrible nightmare, or is she destined to spend her days locked in terror, isolation, and the cold gray interior of prison walls?

"Ginger Simpson pulls the reader in on page one and doesn't let go until the end of the story. What a brilliant, emotional story - one I will never forget. Bravo, Ms. Simpson for writing a masterpiece!" ~ Marie Higgins

"Have you ever wondered how it might feel to be wrongly accused? Ginger Simpson masterfully takes you on such a journey. Readers are emotionally drawn to the trials and tribulations of the main character, Carrie. For a suspenseful look at life behind bars and a story that promises justice in the end, I highly recommend First Degree Innocence." ~ Ciara Gold

"First Degree Innocence is a captivating, thrilling story that gripped me from start to finish. The heroine, Carrie Lang, is relatable and charming, despite her horrible situation, and the hero is a charismatic Prince Charming with handcuffs. Ginger Simpson has truly outdone herself with this riveting piece of work." ~ Miranda Miller,

"A riveting and highly entertaining read. This book starts out with a bang and continues through to the last page. First Degree Innocence is an exceptional book that will have you hooked right from the beginning. If you love to root for the underdog, look no further, you've found the perfect book." Val, You Gotta Read Reviews

"This book took me on a wildly emotional ride as I rapidly turned the pages until I had consumed the entire book down to the final satisfying sentence. The various character interactions are portrayed realistically. All have well-defined motivations, and it was quite easy for me to picture the on-going action like a movie in my head. Speaking of which, this story would make an awesome movie! Highly Recommended." ~ Laura, Coffee Time Romance & More, 5 Cups

"First Degree Innocence tells the story of a young woman who learns to overcome fear, stand up, and face her nemesis head-on. The pay-off may be worth the pain. I recommend First Degree Innocence to any reader, especially one who enjoys an intense story with a little mystery. You'll be surprised and pleased with the ending" ~ Celia Yeary, Reviewer




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