If You Want You Can Fly

Inspirational-Motivational book Coaching Single Moms & Dads in their Quest for Love, Happiness, Fulfilling Relationships

Rossana Condoleo

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"IF YOU WANT YOU CAN FLY", written by the author of "Happy Divorce", helps Single Moms and Dads in their quest for Love, Happiness and Fulfilling Relationships. This pleasant and uplifting read provides Single Parents with personal focus, inspirational tips and motivational guides. The built-in "My Life-Coaching Workbook", including six multitask exercises, enables Single Moms and Dads to learn, deepen and practice positive attitudes and behaviors right in the areas where they most need help: Self-Development, Dating and Single Parenting. "I am an intuitive Life-Coach Coach and a Divorced Single Mom and I am there. My book will ease your path into single life and single parenting. My aim is to see you rising up from your living room couch, feeling refreshed and inspired, ready to start the process of change to become a happier and more fulfilled person and future partner for life." Finally, the great number of targeted impulses, as well as the loving, caring and professional advice offered by the author, have a unique purpose: making Single Moms and Dads fit to FLY. Where? To higher levels of emotional well-being... up to a happier and more fulfilling life!

Eclectic forward thinker, international author and a life-coach dedicated to helping people live a happier and more fulfilled life. BOOKS Gondra; If You Want You Can Fly; Porosità: Poesie; Glücklich trotz Scheidung; Happy Divorce.


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Erscheinungsdatum 30.12.2017
Verlag Via tolino media
Seitenzahl 196 (Printausgabe)
Dateigröße 1525 KB
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9783947120666

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