In a Cloud of Sails

In a Cloud of Sails

Canada's forgotten Lady of the Sea

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Would you sail the vast Pacific in a three-masted ship built in North Vancouver? This is the true story of Canada's forgotten Lady of the Sea, the Monte Cristo. Young sailors who jumped at the chance in 1970 to sail to Tahiti met Marlon Brando and made ready for Apollo 13's landing. With her name changed to Endeavour II, she greeted the Queen in Australia as the feature ship of the Bicentenary of Capt. Cook's landing at Botany Bay.
There were fights among the crew and a mutiny that nearly wreaked her in Brisbane. Then she turned to New Zealand. It did not end well.

A past president of the Federation of BC Writers, George was awarded their prestigious Honorary Life Membership in 2016.
Current books and projects include his collection of short stories, plays and a poem - Quantum Events; an ambitious novel called The Antichrist of Stanley Park, which takes place in Nunavut and Vancouver; a book by George and Ron M. Craig called In a Cloud of Sails, which follows the remarkable adventures of a square-rigged sailing ship built in North Vancouver in 1968; and The Giants of Cathedral Grove, about a clan of neandertals who, unsuccessfully, tried to hide from the other humans in a remote part of the world. George has written numerous short stories and many filmscripts, including Shroomtown, Hellenic Digits, Hammurabi, L5, World HQ, Where There's Smoke, and Protocol Omega.
George founded the boutique publishing company called Rutherford Press. Its first publications were Notes To Mother by Capt. Jeff Berry, and Flying With White Eagle by Ben Nuttall-Smith. There are over 15 titles in its growing list of engrossing stories from the West Coast.




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