Lewis, D: Bloody Heroes

Lewis, D: Bloody Heroes

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"A must read for all Damien Lewis fans" Compass


The most explosive true war story of the 21st Century

It is the winter of 2001. A terror ship is bound for Britain carrying a horrifying weapon. The British military sends a crack unit of SAS and SBS to assault the vessel before she reaches London.

So begins a true story of explosive action as this band of elite warriors pursues the merchants of death from the high seas to the harsh wildlands of Afghanistan. The hunt culminates in the single greatest battle of the Afghan war, the brutal and bloody siege of an ancient mud-walled fortress crammed full of hundreds of Al-Qaeda and Taliban.

Fighting against impossible odds and bitter betrayal, our handful of crack fighters battle to rescue their fellow soldiers trapped by a murderous, fanatical enemy.


"The most dramatic story of a secret wartime mission you will ever read" News of the World

"The author has been given unprecedented access" Zoo

"Gripping" Eye Spy

The most dramatic story of a secret wartime mission you will ever read. News of the World

Damien Lewis is a journalist and documentary film maker and has spent twenty years reporting from conflict zones. He has worked for the
Telegraph, the
Guardian and the BBC.
Slave and
Operation Certain Death have both been
Sunday Times bestsellers. He lives in London.




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