A Love Story About Two People from the Coal Fields of West Virginia

A Love Story About Two People from the Coal Fields of West Virginia

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Growing up as a coal miner's son, Don often found himself moving around from town to town across the country. There was always a new place to learn and new faces to meet, often making Don long for a place to call home. Who would have thought this hectic lifestyle would lead Don to the love of his life? After meeting Nancy, Don found that home was not a place but, rather, a person. Even though his life as a coal miner's son eventually ends, a new challenge arose that kept him separated from his wife. Becoming a professional solider caused Don and Nancy to endure even more time apart from one another as they continued their journey through life. The relentless couple strives to prove that maybe distance really does make the heart grow fonder.

About the Author
Donald Brown was born in Hugheston, West Virginia. Brown grew up as a coal miner's son, which led him to his beautiful wife Nancy. Donald R. Brown holds a degree in Journalism from Northern Illinois University with a background in nutrition and childhood development. He is a working screenwriter with two published books including, No Chicken, No Trees and There's a Little Kanye in All of Us. He lives in Chicago, Illinois.




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