Afghanistan – A Mosaic-Society Poems against Occupation

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Afghanistan is an Islamic society, a mosaic of numerous cultures, languages, ethnic groups, and dialects. It is a land rich in natural resources, which is why Afghanistan is the target of foreign empires that want to control this wealth. When these "empires" withdraw, radical groups inside the country take control. That happened after the fall of the Soviet Union, and it is happening again today after the U.S. empire left.
The manipulation of Islam by the “Taliban” and the West’s ignorance of and hostility to Islam together led to the demonization of Islam as a worldview and a way of life. The West posed as the “liberator” of Muslim women in Afghanistan and declared war on the “Taliban” in the name of the liberation of women. What the U.S. empire wants in Afghanistan, however, is control of the mineral resources and -- why not? -- also of the white gold from poppies.
As all wars the U.S. empire has waged after 1945 show, the U.S. is ideologically interested in spreading a capitalist U.S. lifestyle, which it "sells" as the embodiment of freedom, human rights, feminism, and humanism in one.
The penetration of foreign forces into a territory in which the population identifies with Islamic values and the tradition of the Qur'an leads to a “territorial” and “ethnic” interpretation of Islam, which is completely alien to Islam.
Islam is not a territory, but a community of people of different ethnic, linguistic, and cultural origins who share a belief in one God, Allah, and his prophet Mohammed. In Quran 5:48 it says:
“If Allah had willed, He would have made you one community, but His Will is to test you with what He has given ˹each of˺ you. Compete now for the good things! To Allah you will all return, then He will inform you ˹of the truth˺ regarding your differences.”
Women from all ethnic groups will jointly and inclusively determine in which direction the "liberation" and "self-determination" of women in multicultural, Muslim Afghanistan should look like.

For us ProMosaik Poetry is a virtual and real space for collecting and at the same transmitting poetry by publishing and reading texts translated into several languages by our team of translators, poets, and intellectuals.

We firmly believe that each poem has a sociopolitical message as poets show their feelings, hope and thoughts to a world overwhelmed by chaos, uncertainty, war and violence. Poets oppose this world and at the same time describe, capture, process and transmit it. So, poetry in this sense becomes a social and political force promoting innovation and change, and shaking in the intercultural and interreligious sense so that it is the universal language of the human soul.


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  • Afghanistan – A Mosaic-Society Poems against Occupation