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Narrative Identities

(Inter)Cultural In-Betweenness in the Americas

Roland Walter

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Narrative Identities examines how Latin American, Caribbean, Chicano/a, African American and Native American writers re-negotiate individual and collective identity within, between and beyond geographic, temporal, racial, ethnic, gender-related, spiritual, and psychological border(land)s. The author traces what is at stake when individuals dwell in in-betweenness and how these individuals cope with moving between borders, when identity-based forms of oppression, such as (neo)colonialism, racism, and sexism, deny or delimit the negotiation and comprehension of identity’s meanings. The book explores cultural in-betweenness in both local and global contexts as one of the principal characteristics shared by Pan-American writers and measures cultural differences and similarities in the Americas against each other. It draws the map of a different cultural consensus in the Americas and opens the space for a new vision of Inter-American literary relations and criticism.

"La investigación de Roland Walter exhibe un rigor argumentativo impecable, con una vasta base teorética, la cual se aprovecha al máximo para una sucinta lectura de textos claves." (Frauke Gewecke, Iberoamericana)

The Author: Roland Walter is Associate Professor of American Literature, Comparative Literature, and Literary Theory at the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, Brazil.


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  • Contents: National identity and postnational identification: the interrelation between local and global forces and practices – Migration, location, and identity: space and place; multiethnic self-definition and otherization – Magical realism and (de)colonization – Diaspora discourses and resistance to neocolonial domination – Transculturation: mediator/negotiator of nonsynchronous spatiotemporality – Memory: negotiation between remembrance and forgetting – Conjunctural, cross-cultural, interdisciplinary approach.