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One Day, My Prince (Fairy Tale Romance, #7)

Fairy Tale Romance

A Fairy Tale Romance

When schoolmarm Sarah Prince comes home to find a wounded man in her bed, she's both shocked and dismayed. What seems to be a disaster turns into a blessing, when Joe White offers to help her gain custody of the seven Shorter sisters, the young girls she's been caring for since their mother's death. So what if she was momentarily temped to kiss his sleeping lips? 

Joe White is a US Marshal searching for two nefarious criminals. Sarah and seven little girls are not in his plans, but as he heals from being shot by a couple of no-good bushwhackers, he comes up with a way they can help one another. What better cover than a wife and family? What better way to make sure the girls can stay together?

He's a lawman. She's a citified New Yorker who ran away from home on the day of her arranged marriage to look for adventure in Texas. They have nothing in common, except for the seven Shorter sisters, orphaned girls who need a home, a mother and a father. Can Sarah awaken Joe's heart with something so simple as a kiss?

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Erscheinungsdatum 19.03.2018
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9781386247678
Verlag Linda Winstead Jones
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