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A Homage to Humanity

Before They Pass Away

Jimmy Nelson

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Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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"To accompany Homage to Humanity, Jimmy Nelson and his team have created a companion mobile app. It is a remarkable record of their journeys on a state-of-the-art platform, with immersive 360 films, behind-the-scenes footage, storytelling and more.
Each image in this book has hidden, digital layers. Go even deeper into Jimmy Nelson's photographs with exciting additional material that will bring you new insights into his work, and new perspectives on the lives of the people he visited.

Six week prior to the book launch on the 21st of September, we will launch the pre-launch app. Within the app every week we will reveal a new chapter. This will contain two images and some information about the people. But most important of all, we present the very first preview of the 360 film, that we have been making for all of the journeys in Homage to Humanity. The app will make it possible to share your thoughts and opinions on social media, so people who own this app will be ambassadors of the book.
When the book is out, this app will be updated to the official Companion App.

Every image within the book will be scannable like a QR code (so you actually scan the image itself) and leads to a piece of the following Content
- Quotes
- Music
- Audio
- Information
- Filmmaterial
- 360 Film

The experience will be all immersive for the reader, all available on the readers' smartphone

Every sold book will include one of these cardboard glasses. The glasses will make sure you will be able to watch 360 content with your own phone. Just put your phone in the glasses and the 360 menu will speak for itself.

Once you have scanned enough images within a chapter, and only then, you will automatically unlock our 360 content! This start screen will ask you to put your smartphone into the cardboard glasses. From the moment you put your phone in the glasses you will enter our 360 gallery.
Within the 360 gallery you will have the opportunity to walk into several doors, each door will represent a chapter ..."

In 1986, after spending a year traversing the length of Tibet by foot, Jimmy Nelson published a unique visual diary to wide international acclaim. In 1987, he was commissioned to cover a variety of culturally newsworthy themes for many of the world's leading publications. In early 1994 he and his wife Ashkaine Hora Adema produced "Literary Portraits of China," the result of a forty month project that took them across the newly opening People's Republic, and was about the indigenous cultures in China and their translated literature. From 1997, Jimmy successfully undertook commercial advertising assignments for many of the world's leading brands. Simultaneously, he started accumulating images of the remote and unique cultures he photographed, and awards followed. In 2010, he began his journey to create the dignifying artistic document that became "Before They Pass Away", and was published to international acclaim in October 2013. Today, Jimmy is still traveling and photographing to produce HOMAGE TO HUMANITY. He exhibits in international museums, shows his work at the world's leading photographic art galleries, speaks at international conferences, and launched the Jimmy Nelson Foundation in October 2016.

Donna Karan was born in Queens and raised on Long Island. She attended Parsons School of Design before beginning her career with an internship at Anne Klein, where she rose to head designer in 1974 at age twenty-five. She and her husband, Stephan Weiss, founded Donna Karan International, launching Donna Karan New York collection in 1985, DKNY in 1989, and the beauty line in 1992.
Karan's philanthropic efforts are extensive including the Seventh on Sale benefit, the New York Kids for Kids event and since 1993 she has Co-chaired Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. In 2007, Karan established Urban Zen, a luxury lifestyle brand and foundation that addresses wellness, education, and the preservation of culture through their artisan communities.

Mundiya Kepanga is a Papuan chief from the Tari region in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.
Originating from a traditional tribal community, Mundiya Kepanga has a unique vision on Western society, acquired following his multiple trips across Europe and North America.
He is a seasoned speaker, regularly hosted by schools, natural history museums, scientists and assemblies devoted to indigenous people. Through his lectures, he seeks to raise awareness to the culture of his people while encouraging us to reflect upon our view of indigenous people and of ourselves.© wikipedia


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