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Cotton: The Biography of a Revolutionary Fiber

The Biography of a Revolutionary Fiber

Stephen Yafa

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In the tradition of Mark Kurlansky's Cod and Salt, this endlessly revealing book reminds us that the fiber we think of as ordinary is the world's most powerful cash crop, and that it has shaped the destiny of nations. Ranging from its domestication 5,500 years ago to its influence in creating Calvin Klein's empire and the Gap, Stephen Yafa's Cotton gives us an intimate look at the plant that fooled Columbus into thinking he'd reached India, that helped start the Industrial Revolution as well as the American Civil War, and that made at least one bug-the boll weevil-world famous. A sweeping chronicle of ingenuity, greed, conflict, and opportunism, Cotton offers "a barrage of fascinating information" (Los Angeles Times).

Stephen Yafa, a novelist, playwright, and award-winning screenwriter, has written for
Rolling Stone, and the
San Francisco Chronicle.


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Seitenzahl 432
Altersempfehlung ab 18 Jahr(e)
Erscheinungsdatum 01.06.2006
Sprache Deutsch, Englisch
ISBN 978-0-14-303722-4
Verlag Penguin US
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  • Preface ix

    Introduction 1

    1. Spun in All Directions 9
    2. Star Turns 25
    3. The Barber from Preston 39
    4. Revolutionary Fiber 70
    5. Camelot on the Merrimack 91
    6. Looming Conflicts 118
    7. Southern Exposure 147
    8. Changing Fortunes 173
    9. Two-Horse Power 202
    10. Boll Weevil Blues 233
    11. The Shirt on Your Back 270
    12. Fields of Conflict 305

    Afterword 338

    Glossary 345
    Notes 349
    Bibliography 375
    Acknowledgments 381
    Index 385