You Can Program in C++: A Programmer's Introduction [With CDROM]

A Programmer's Introduction

Learning C++ can be dry. To enliven the process, Francis Glassborow, in his unique motivating style, introduces tasks and tools to enable you to get coding quickly. His approach is inspiring and comes complete with hands-on examples and projects. Graphic User Interface (GUI) extensions will provide you with instant feedback and will draw satisfaction from creating programs that work. Chapters include reference material to help you.

You Can Program in C++ comes complete with an open source, fully portable compiler and IDE for Windows and Linux. It makes extensive use of the author's graphic library, bringing you an abundance of supplementary material so you can tackle your own programming tasks quickly and effectively.

If you've already grasped the fundamentals of programming through self-study or have learnt basic programming skills on the job, this book is a must! It will take your programming to the next level and you'll have some fun along the way...

The CD contains:
* Complete software versions for both MinGWStudio and JGrasp IDEs on PCs using Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and for Linux. Apple users will be able to work using X11 and JGrasp.
* Extracts from You Can Do It that supplement the material on using the 'my graphics' library.
* Installation instructions, the source code for 'my library' and make files that allow 'my library' to be recompiled for other compilers.

Top Marks for You Can Do It

"Excellent Read" PC Utilities

"Enthusiastic self-help" Focus

"An authentic programming experience" C Vu - the Journal of the ACCU
Francis Glassborow was chairman of the ACCU (Association of C & C++ Users) and edited the groups' principle publication throughout the 90's. He has published reviews of most C++ books on the market but doesn't confine his wisdom nor interest just to this language. He was a regular columnist for .EXE. Until this year he chaired an annual Programmers conference that regularly attracts the heavy-weights in C++ as well as other languages. He heads the UK delegation to the ISO working group committees for C and C++ and is therefore considered to be one of the world's leading authorities. He is the originator of much of the material aimed at making C++ easier to learn in the next Standard. His first book, "You Can Do It" is a motivational book teaching basic programming constructs to people with no background. It published with Wiley in 2003.
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