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The Siege Of Krishnapur (Abridged)

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J. G. Farrell

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India, 1857 - the year of the Great Mutiny, when Muslim soldiers turned in bloody rebellion on their British overlords. This time of convulsion is the subject of The Siege of Krishnapur, widely considered to the one of the finest British novels of the last fifty years. A witty and individual take on the many traditions and follies of Empire, it is also a gripping account of survival under siege, illuminating how extreme conditions can influence and affect people's behaviour and the human spirit.

J.G. Farrell was born in Liverpool in 1935 and spent a good deal of his life abroad, including periods in France and North America, and then settled in London where he wrote most of his novels.


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  • The Siege Of Krishnapur (Abridged)

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  • The Siege Of Krishnapur (Abridged)

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    • The Siege Of Krishnapur (Abridged)
    1. The Siege Of Krishnapur (Abridged)