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Multiscale and Multiresolution Approaches in Turbulence

Pierre Sagaut, Sebastien Deck, Marc Terracol

Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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This unique book gives a general unified presentation of the use of the multiscale/multiresolution approaches in the field of turbulence. The coverage ranges from statistical models developed for engineering purposes to multiresolution algorithms for the direct computation of turbulence. It provides the only available up-to-date reviews dealing with the latest and most advanced turbulence models (including LES, VLES, hybrid RANS/LES, DES) and numerical strategies.The book aims at providing the reader with a comprehensive description of modern strategies for turbulent flow simulation, ranging from turbulence modeling to the most advanced multilevel numerical methods.


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Seitenzahl 356
Erscheinungsdatum 01.06.2006
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-86094-650-9
Verlag Imperial College Press
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  • A Brief Introduction to Turbulence; Turbulence Simulation and Scale Separation; Statistical Multiscale Modeling; Multiscale Subgrid Models: Self-Adaptivity; Structural Multiscale Subgrid Models: Small Scale Estimations; Unsteady Turbulence Simulation on Self-Adaptive Grids; Global Hybrid RANS/LES Methods; Zonal RANS/LES Methods.