Cello Time Joggers + CD

A First Book of Very Easy Pieces for Cello

Kathy Blackwell, David Blackwell

Buch (Geheftet, Englisch)
Buch (Geheftet, Englisch)
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A- Open string pieces and tunes using the finger pattern 0-1-34
A- Quality original pieces from rock to calypso
A- Careful introduction of new notes and rhythms
A- Simple slurs and dynamics
A- Easy duets
A- Scales and arpeggios in the keys of G, D, and C major, one octave
A- CD with performances of all the pieces to play along to - jazz and rock numbers add drumkit
A- Book of straightforward piano accompaniments available


Einband Geheftet
Seitenzahl 32
Erscheinungsdatum 25.07.2002
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-0-19-322087-4
Reihe Cello Time
Verlag Oxford University Press
Maße (L/B/H) 31,1/23,3/0,7 cm
Gewicht 173 g
Abbildungen black & white illustrations, recorded music items
Illustrator Alan Rowe
Verkaufsrang 21662


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  • Algy met a bear ; Ally bally ; Bow down, O Belinda ; C string boogie ; Calypso time ; Cattle ranch blues ; Cello Time ; Chinese garden ; Chopsticks for two ; City lights ; Clare's song ; Copy cat ; Distant bells ; Down up ; Fast lane ; Happy go lucky ; Here it comes! ; Hill an' gully rider ; In flight ; In the groove ; Jim along Josie ; Katie's waltz ; Knock, knock! ; Lazy scale ; Lift off ; Listen to the rhythm ; Off to Paris ; On the prowl ; Patrick's reel ; Phoebe in her petticoat ; Ready, steady, go now! ; Rhythm fever ; Rocking horse ; Rowing boat ; Runaway train ; Scaley Things ; So there! ; Stamping dance ; Summer sun ; Tap dancer ; The old castle ; Tiptoe, boo! ; Travellin' slow ; Under arrest! ; Walking bass