Meine Filiale

Women of education and of humanity

Of women who gave the example

Helmut Lauschke

Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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Mrs. Lydia Grosz: “The Germans have remained a mystery to me. They are educated and hard working, have produced a Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, a Goethe, Schiller, and Lessing, but they have not understood the Faust, the Bell, or the Nathan. Take the ring parable in Nathan. It's the legacy of tolerance and justice. The punch line comes in the question of which son is right. Nathan says the right ring is not demonstrable, almost as unknowable as the right faith is. The father had the copies made with the intention that the rings are indistinguishable. That is the lesson we have to draw from Nathan: the commandment to tolerance and magnanimity. The hubris of the Nazis has gone severely out of hand, as if there were only Germans who have “culture and the right faith." Boris: "For their mistakes and assessments, German people have been severely punished.” Mrs. Grosz: "I agree with you, because many good Germans were also met terribly.”
Ünett appreciated the understanding and affection by her teacher Adele Bardenbrecht that stabilized her personality and gave her trust. The encounter brought the deeper consensus regarding the fundamental problems and the real values in life. They became friends and shared their experiences, which included the little mongoloid Simon as well. The friendship lasted through the life of both like a red thread and became the cornerstone and foundation of practiced humanity.

- Kindheitserlebnisse von der “Reichskristallnacht” und den Bombennächten über Köln
- Übersiedlung nach Bautzen, wo der Vater als Gynäkologe eine kleine Frauenklinik betreibt
- sieht als 10-Jähriger wenige Monate vor Kriegsende, wie ein Zug von Häftlingen in KZ-Kleidung von der SS bewacht durch die Stadt zieht
- 1951 Rückkehr nach Köln, um dem “roten” Polit-Terror zu entgehen
- Medizinstudium in Köln und München
- seit 1960 Arzt, 1961 promoviert
- dreijährige Ausbildung in der pathologischen Anatomie (Universität Köln)
- Facharzt der Chirurgie (Universität Köln), der Traumatologie und plastisch rekonstruktiven Chirurgie (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
- 1985-1998 Arzt und Chirurg am Hospital in Oshakati
- zum “Honorary Professor of the University of Namibia” ernannt (1997


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