For Justice, Understanding and Humanity

Efforts and the lack of response and support

Helmut Lauschke

Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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Everyone was hopeful that people of Namibia would go the solidly paved way into a promising future longed-for after the many years of colonialism, discrimination and oppression.

The book gives insight into life and the medical work. It demonstrates the exercises of learning and hard work by understanding the people in need and for re-evaluating the challenges in fulfilling the responsibilities and tasks by meeting their expectations. To put the good intentions into practical perspectives, education must improve to strengthen the willpower for enhancing the capability and skills and the standard of work performances considerably.

The prerequisites remain, which is humbleness, honesty, respect and hard work to elevate the attitude in assessing the social problems related to freedom, peace, equality and justice. The story likes to motivate the young generation in learning to understand the situation in depth by considering and analyzing the facts. It is of great importance to become a citizen by taking part in the process of building and consolidating the nation to an educated, just and responsibility bearing nation in keeping up and defending the fundamental values of humanity.

The biggest goal is true humanity. To reach this goal, the prerequisites are personal modesty, true honesty, tolerance, dedication, passion and determination in social commitments and high ethics in the performance. The principles comprise mutual respect and understanding, the willingness to help people in need and to educate children to the best level, and to keep and cultivate the values of humanity, which has to be praised and practiced from generation to generation. Everybody is responsible to act accordingly that life maintains its deeply rooted meaning.

- Kindheitserlebnisse von der “Reichskristallnacht” und den Bombennächten über Köln

- Übersiedlung nach Bautzen, wo der Vater als Gynäkologe eine kleine Frauenklinik betreibt

- sieht als 10-Jähriger wenige Monate vor Kriegsende, wie ein Zug von Häftlingen in KZ-Kleidung von der SS bewacht durch die Stadt zieht

- 1951 Rückkehr nach Köln, um dem “roten” Polit-Terror zu entgehen

- Medizinstudium in Köln und München

- seit 1960 Arzt, 1961 promoviert

- dreijährige Ausbildung in der pathologischen Anatomie (Universität Köln)

- Facharzt der Chirurgie (Universität Köln), der Traumatologie und plastisch rekonstruktiven Chirurgie (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

- 1985-1998 Arzt und Chirurg am Hospital in Oshakati

- zum “Honorary Professor of the University of Namibia” ernannt (1997


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