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American Heroin

'A rip-through-it-in-one-sitting thrill ride that will leave readers hooked' Joseph Knox

Lola Vasquez Novels Band 2

Melissa Scrivner Love

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American Heroin is the eagerly-awaited sequel to Lola, featuring a ruthless woman who will stop at nothing to protect her growing drug empire

It took sacrifice, pain, and more than a few dead bodies, but Lola has clawed her way to the top of her South Central Los Angeles neighborhood. Her gang has grown beyond a few trusted soldiers into a full-fledged empire, and the influx of cash has opened up a world that she has never known. But with great opportunity comes great risk, and as Lola ascends the hierarchy of the city's underworld she attracts the attention of a dangerous new cartel who sees her as their greatest obstacle to dominance. Soon Lola finds herself sucked into a deadly all-out drug war that threatens to destroy everything she's built.

But even as Lola readies to go to war, she learns that the greatest threat may not be a rival drug lord but a danger far closer to home: her own brother.

Edgy, complex, and breathtakingly propulsive, Melissa Scrivner Love has crafted a novel sure to please not only those who loved her first book but everyone who enjoys a gripping thriller.

Melissa Scrivner Love was born to a police officer father and a court stenographer mother. When she was six, a neighbour her father had arrested for possession killed her dog and her cat, opening Melissa's eyes to the concept of retribution. Melissa has lived in Los Angeles for over a decade. During that time, she has written for several television shows, among them Life, CSI: Miami and Person of Interest. She lives with her husband, a comedy writer, in Los Angeles.


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Seitenzahl 304 (Printausgabe)
Erscheinungsdatum 14.02.2019
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9781786075376
Verlag Oneworld Publications
Dateigröße 1039 KB

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