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Of the Greatness of Life

Keys of Understanding

Helmut Lauschke

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  • Of the Greatness of Life


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In the unknown lies the infinity of hope, expectation and greatness with its beauty, joy, mourning and the dreams of achievements and fulfillments. Knowledge is the exception, ignorance is common. Knowledge is an achievement, ignorance is the natural origin. Achievements are work related, the ignorance not as a lack of interest, willpower and vision. Secrecy lies between known and unknown. It forges both together. The problem starts when you separate them and distinguish one from the other with the precision of truth.

Language in its complexity is very difficult. To bring the tools for speaking together that is real art. The sensory and the motor skills in speaking is always difficult and never exact in the explanation of the details. The galaxy is the mirror reflecting human thoughts and words. It is a kind of filter that some thoughts and words permeate into the depth of the universe to recreate the world from the beginning.

The misunderstanding is like a huge hole in the bridge of communication which is hardly or not to be bypassed that there is the risk of falling through with being expelled from this world spiritually and intellectually. The unknown is like the virginity of innocence which has to be explored and handled very carefully and respectfully.

Music is right from the beginning more direct, spontaneous and comprehensive than the spoken word. Intelligence and recognition cannot be achieved by talking only. More discipline and reflections are needed to understand the meaning of life and nature and mankind and humanity and respect in general. To pretend something is like a building that is collapsing due to the totally wrong conception.

- Kindheitserlebnisse von der “Reichskristallnacht” und den Bombennächten über Köln

- Übersiedlung nach Bautzen, wo der Vater als Gynäkologe eine kleine Frauenklinik betreibt

- sieht als 10-Jähriger wenige Monate vor Kriegsende, wie ein Zug von Häftlingen in KZ-Kleidung von der SS bewacht durch die Stadt zieht

- 1951 Rückkehr nach Köln, um dem “roten” Polit-Terror zu entgehen

- Medizinstudium in Köln und München

- seit 1960 Arzt, 1961 promoviert

- dreijährige Ausbildung in der pathologischen Anatomie (Universität Köln)

- Facharzt der Chirurgie (Universität Köln), der Traumatologie und plastisch rekonstruktiven Chirurgie (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

- 1985-1998 Arzt und Chirurg am Hospital in Oshakati

- zum “Honorary Professor of the University of Namibia” ernannt (1997


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