• Growing Trees and Shrubs Indoors

Growing Trees and Shrubs Indoors

Breathe New Life into Your Home with Large Plants

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Grow trees and shrubs indoors to beautify and purify your home

A fascinating, encyclopedic compendium dealing with the nature and care of trees and shrubs.
- Arnold M. Ludwig, author, The Price of Greatness and King of the Mountain

Covers everything from watering needs and light requirements to propagation to keeping costs down, all in an effort to help you create a verdant home that has the health benefits of being outside.
- Deanna Duke, author, The Non-Toxic Avenger

SOME OF THE most polluted places on earth are where we spend 90% of our time: inside our homes. Science is continually uncovering more effective ways of improving the quality of our environment, and plants - specifically indoor trees and shrubs - are at the top of this list.

Growing trees and shrubs indoors might seem like a monumental challenge, but it's no different than growing any plants indoors. Written by master gardener DJ Herda, Growing Trees and Shrubs Indoors is a definitive guide to what makes these plants special, offering all the tips and tricks you need to help them survive and flourish in an indoor environment. It covers how they:

  • Rid your environment of airborne pollutants

  • Beautify your home

  • Help you to live a longer, healthier, happier life.

Growing Trees and Shrubs Indoors is for those with a keen interest in gardening, health, and science, offering an entirely new way of promoting human wellness - through beautiful, enjoyable surroundings.

Clearly written and beautifully illustrated. It's a real eye-opener!
- Phillip Adcock, commercial psychologist and author, Master Your Brain

Distills a lifetime of plant experience into easy-to-follow instruction, giving an amateur like me the confidence to green my home for health.
- Paula Baker-LaPorte, FAIA, BBNC, co-author, Prescriptions for a Healthy House

DJ HERDA is an award-winning author of over 80 books. He has been an indoor and outdoor gardener for more than 50 years and is a former syndicated newspaper and magazine garden writer and columnist and a test grower for Rodale Farms and Jackson & Perkins. He lives in the Rocky Mountains in St. George, Utah. ww.djherda.org

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  • Preface
    1. Why Trees and Shrubs?
    2. Greening Up for Health
    3. Greening Up for Home
    4. Greening Up for Work
    5. Bringing the Outdoors In
    6. Soil: Preparing for Action
    7. Planting Your Indoor Trees and Shrubs
    8. Light, Water, and Humidity
    9. Food for Thought
    10. Bugging Out!
    11. Propagating Your Indoor Plants
    12. Special Needs for Fruiting Plants
    13. Companion Planting for Health
    14. Pruning and Heading Back
    15. Tools of the Trade
    16. Recommended Trees and Shrubs

    About the Author
    A Note about the Publisher