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The IV + V Training System

Optimised Training For Muscle Shape, Density And Aesthetics

David Blackwell

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The Best Men's Physique Training Guide To Get Started "Teach a man to fish and feed him for his life." You train for more than 1 year now? You hit some plateaus and really want to STEP UP YOUR GAME in the gym? No clue how to train for Men's or Classic Physique? You really want to train like an athlete and just train the right way Hell, you came to the right place. Immerse and embrace the IV + V Training System with two Thought Gradients and the extensive IV + V Training Modules (ALL MAIN MUSCLE GROUPS, ALL SEMI MUSCLE GROUPS, WARM UP ROUTINE, + PERFECT ARM DAY) After reading this guide, you will be able to create a highly individual training regimen. Daily, weekly and cyclically. You can also just use the Training plans I provide in this guide. You will also know what muscle groups to focus on and how. The IV+V Training System will give you the full tool belt to know what to do and when in the Gym forever.

To know is to controlWhen I was a child, I felt very bad. A blurry entity of information abundance and ordinary custom and example dictated my life.I asked myself: What is essential? What food should we eat? What is that stuff acutally made of? I was hyped, having found a little flash of light. The internet knew only little and it took me years to carefully gather all the information and at the same time trying it all out. From Intermittent Fasting to going Keto, from Carb Cycling to Nootropics, I tried and experienced all variants of food interaction, always going to the limit of my will and body.eatcfit is an ambitious and strong compendium to distill all my knowledge and experience to be a cornerstone of nutrition and a go-to for everyone. Together, we navigate the jungle of nutrition.We only write about natural foods, macro- and miconutrients. We want to invite inner peace and the biological optimum in harmony with our bodies into our lives. For peace and full control of our bodies.If you already train for 1-2 years now, this system will catapult you into new heights of training results.


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