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Passengers AL GOD RID – „Algorithms repeat past patterns, they automate the status quo.“

„Algorithms repeat past patterns, they automate the status quo.“

Christine Schast, (SP: D) Sozialkritische Professionals: Deutschland, Soul Constitution

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„It is not the things that worry us, but the opinions that we have of these things. Working scientifically means putting things in a beautiful order. According to Immanuel Kant, all error is that we consider our way of defining or deriving or classifying concepts to be conditions of things themselves. Arthur Schopenhauer says about teleology, i.e. the order and expediency inherent in nature, that it is only brought into nature by understanding. According to Karl Jaspers, human misfortune begins when the scientifically known is considered to be being itself and everything that is not scientifically knowable is considered non-existent. Albert Einstein said in an interview with Werner Heisenberg that it is impossible to include only observable quantities in a theory; it is rather the theory that decides what can be observed. Werner Heisenberg himself writes later that we must remember that what we observe is not nature itself, but nature which is exposed to our kind of questioning and the reality of which we can speak is never reality per se, but a known reality or in many cases a reality shaped by us.“


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Erscheinungsdatum 25.04.2019
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