„undead Episodes Of Being and Happening“ – On The Myth Of „understanding The Past“


Christine Schast

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„The world is less predictable today.“ … This confrontation between NATO and the Warsaw Pact was very dangerous, but at the same time also very predictable.“
Civilised, domesticised and intellectualised perceptions of reality perpetually underestimate our singular and plural exposure to the local as much as momentary randomness and volatility of inconspicuously minimal incidents, yielding a strikingly vast experience beyond the quantum’s original scope of impetus and momentum.
Upon closer scrutiny, our „understanding of comprehending the past“ rather proves a reconstruction and re-dressing, i. e. a retrospective preparation of bygone occurrences in the sense of customising and inflecting the topsy turvy of sensations to fit each other. Obviously, we tend to rationalise seemingly „dead episodes of being and happening“.
In fact, these episodes of being and happening are not dead at all. Why haven’t we learnt our lessons from „history“ epitomising an encyclopaedia of the past to present events, that should have been guiding our outlook for the future?!!! – ; not for we have never wanted to. In fact, we have never been able to understand our past to present being. Hence, we won’t be able to grasp our future being.


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