The 4 Ingredients to Spiritual Peace: Living Greatness Through Forgiveness, Faith, Gratitude, & Love

Life is full of lessons - some pleasurable, others painful - but most change our lives some way or the other. This book teaches us how to find the lesson in every situation and every person we encounter in our lives by combining the four ingredients to build more balanced, spiritually aligned life. Through practicing the principles of forgiveness, faith, gratitude, and love, each of us can achieve the greatness we were meant to have. Through fascinating personal anecdotes as well as quotes from several experts, Charlette Manning reminds us not to allow ourselves to become bogged down by the "yeah, but" people in our lives but instead to surround ourselves with people who reflect who we are and who support us. As Manning aptly says, "There's always a strawberry in the mud. You can choose to learn from it or be buried by it."
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