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Jake and Josh in Canceling Christmas

Joseph Gray

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Jake and Josh are twin baby brothers about to experience their first Christmas. However, their parents are worked up into a frenzy preparing for the holiday, and Josh blames himself. Josh has hydrocephalus, a condition that causes fluid to build up in the brain, and his care adds to his parents' busy schedule. He wants to ease that burden, but how?

Jake wants to help his brother feel better, so he comes up with a plan-cancel Christmas! The boys set out to remove what they think makes the holiday special but quickly learn it's not so easy to cancel the holiday.

During their adventure, Josh meets a woman who understands his baby language and teaches him a lesson about the challenges every child faces while Jake hears the Nativity story and learns the true meaning of the holiday.

The story is fun for older children to read alone or for the entire family to enjoy together.

"Jake and Josh in Canceling Christmas is an endearing story focusing on real-life struggles of children and adults alike contending with hydrocephalus. The characters Jake and Josh are intimately brought to life in their dilemma to ease the burden of Christmas for their family. Joseph Gray does a wonderful job depicting their situation. A must-read" (Lindy L. Harley, author of the children's books Magic Monster Drink, Vince and Leopold, and Jace and the Flickering Flubber Wishes Flu: The Harley Kids' Adventures Continue . . . ).


Einband Taschenbuch
Seitenzahl 34
Erscheinungsdatum 17.06.2019
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-79603-807-1
Verlag Xlibris US
Maße (L/B/H) 28/21,6/0,2 cm
Gewicht 157 g


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