Informalization and Hybridization of Speech Practices

Polylingual Meaning-Making across Domains, Genres, and Media

Sprachkönnen und Sprachbewusstheit in Europa / Language Competence and Language Awareness in Europe Band 10

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Speech practices as discursive practices for meaning-making across domains, genres, and social groups is an under-researched, highly complex field of sociolinguistics. This field has gained momentum after innovative studies of adolescents and young adults with mixed ethnic and language backgrounds revealed that they «cross» language and dialectal or vernacular borders to construct their own hybrid discursive identities. The focus in this volume is on the diversity of emerging hybridizing speech practices through contact with English, predominantly in Europe. Contributions to this collected volume originate from the DFG funded conference on language contact in times of globalization (LCTG4) and from members of the editor’s funded research group «Discursive Multilingualism».

Amei Koll-Stobbe is Professor Emerita, Chair in English Linguistics, University of Greifswald. She is the head of the research group «Discursive Multilingualism» funded by THEORIA Scientific Program for the Humanities of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.


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