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For Arabs, Chinese, and Hindus (collection of papers)

Chris Myrski

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In English. |
Dear reader, this collection is for you,
Be you Arab, Chinese, or - why not? - Hind`oo,
It's about language for the world as whole,
Which is easy, nice, best choice, and water holds.
And now follow the Contents (with some Abstracts). |
1. Bulgarian Lessons
[ This is a try to provide English reading people all around the world with an easy and simple introduction to Bulgarian language. The material contains the following parts: the way how the Slavonic alphabet looks, together with one method to mark in Latin the exact pronunciation, then phonetical explanations coupled with author's ideas about the types of vowels and consonants, after this some simple grammar, without going into much details, and to the end is placed a super-short (which is not really very short) dictionary of Bulgarian words by categories together with their nearest relations with other Western languages (German, English, Latin, Greek, etc, yet also Russian in places as another Slavonic one). (2016) ] |
2. Under Bulgarian Banner
[ In this paper I stand thoroughly on the previous material with the intention to make one directly crucial for all Arabs, Hindus, etc., proposition that is related with Bulgarian, yet not exactly, banner. Well, it sounds to a great extent utopian, but nevertheless is entirely realizable and leads to a bunch of nice consequences. (2016) ] |
Down With The English (Language)!
[ This paper was written practically anew in English and its contents is obvious - we, all the world, have to cease using this language so widely because it is simply ... vulgar, many grammatical categories are not well qualified, et cetera. More precisely, after some preliminaries, I try to excuse the ancient Englishmen who have made this super-simplified language, then I explain what is so bad with it in comparison with the others European (at least) languages, and in the end I mark out some important places in the language where something has to be done in order to better it, if the people want to do this. (2016) ] |

Under this name hides one former Bulgarian research assistant born in 1950 in intellectual family, who has received 2.5 tertiary educations in exact sciences in 3 different countries, and knows 3.5 foreign languages. He has worked in several institutes till the coming of democracy, when /because/ of his higher education has become permanently unemployed, so that was forced to turn to the greatest /demo/-critical realist, writer of popular scientific materials, and funny poetry in 3 languages. |


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