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The Whispers of War (The Milward Chronicles, #3)

Robert Lee Beers

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War is in the wind.

Twins and the last scions of the House of Labad, Charity, and Adam--each unaware that the other is alive--face the oncoming strife filling the land on opposite sides of the conflict.

The wizard Milward, parted from Adam during an angry row yet continues to do his best to guide the siblings unawares as the wall between the worlds weakens.

Adam has become the officer of the guard under the son of the mad Duke of the city-state Grisham and joins the army as they begin fighting the soldiers from the south.

Charity, with her companions Flynn and Neely, joins the Southern army, befriends the strange half-elf lad Circumstance, and marches upon the city of Grisham.

After saving the world from the magik war in ages past, the dragons of Dragonglade are ever vigilant though reluctant to involve themselves in the affairs of younger races. Shealauch, a young dragon, has had a discouraging meeting with men. As a result, his tough hide has been pierced with arrows, and many of the dragons believe they must withdraw altogether from the world of men.

While the wall between the worlds weakens, the sorcerer Gilgafed watches as the creature he created and infused with all the power of hell works its way north toward his own citadel in the mountain called Pestilence.

With the southern empire marching to war against the Northern Kingdom, can the twins survive to fulfill the prophecy?

Robert Lee Beers (born 1951 is an author and an artist involved in graphic arts, illustration and fine art.

Originally from Eureka, California, Beers attended Arcata High School and Humboldt State College. He currently resides in Topeka, Kansas.

Bob was first elected to the Nevada Assembly in November 2006. As an Assemblyman, Bob Beers was nominated to be a recipient of the JFK Profiles in Courage Award.

Bob is a recipient of the Bank of America Award in Art and was the Humboldt-Del Norte champion in the high hurdles in 1969.

After leaving office, Bob Beers became a licensed mediator for the Nevada Supreme Court's Foreclosure Mediation Program. Upon retiring he was the most successful mediator of his type in the nation, compiling an agreement rate nearing 85%.

Bob continues to write, and to paint. His Tony Mandolin Mystery series has ten completed novels and several short stories. The first four novels were produced into full-cast audio dramas by Graphic Audio Publishers.As an artist, Bob is an accomplished painter of portraits, both human and pet, and in producing landscapes that capture the chosen scene with incredible depth and clarity.


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Erscheinungsdatum 17.11.2019
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Verlag Robert Lee Beers
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