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“SURREAL” REALITIES: Chief “Political” Executives ... Chief Executive “Politicians” of “US Debt ‘First’”


Beat Shucker, Christine Schast, (SP: D) Sozialkritische Professionals: Deutschland, Bob Moore

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America’s Di|vided Self
“Not even the smallest mind’s economy has ever existed without the greatest touch of industrious madness to be voiced!“
(Elto Tsira, 2019)

“The critical contemporary knows, that the American world-power-status relies less on economic and not even so much on military power, but rather on media and financial manipulation. (..) But eventually banknotes were never anything other than an illusion, upheld by governmental force and solicitation. (..) In reality, this kind of history is a bold and skilful manipulation having aimed at restoring the credibility of the American financial power and reviving an almost faded illusion of money. (..)
Debts must always be liquidated at some point: by a crash, by brutally destroying the amount of debt, or by a currency reform, whose purposes are to clear the states of debt, so that the game can start all over again. Of course, debts can also be worked off laboriously, but they are already too exuberant for achieving that. The most convenient option is to postpone the idea, which is actually a very sensible option. (..)
At this moment one will notice that the money quantities circulating in the national and international area are based on a fiction; that bank, i.e. book money is still more dubious than paper money; that banknotes do not represent real money, as they are nothing but than promissory notes: "this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private" it says correctly on the green Dollar notes. (..)
Although it sounds paradoxical, today the Third World is less at the mercy of the Western hemisphere of industrialised nations than vice versa. It is not the debtors who need to fear the creditors, but the creditors who need to fear the unpredictability of their debtors to a much greater extent. ‚If you owe a bank a 1,000 pounds you have a problem‘ said the father of modern economics Lord Keynes, ‚If you owe it a million, the bank has a problem‘.“


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