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Kayak Adventure in Siberia

The First Solo Circumnavigation of Lake Baikal

Detlev Henschel

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This eBook is a narrative about a 1,250-mile long solo kayak adventure on the 1-mile deep Lake Baikal in East Siberia, Russia. The clash of different cultures (Russians, Evenks, Buryats) and the wonders of a not always safe unique and pristine nature with hungry bugging bears, extreme climate, 'Russian improvisation' pushed this experience to the limit for man and equipment. (The adventures can be seen on his YouTube Channel 1life4outdoor.) Not everyone dares to realize a life off the beaten track in an increasingly uncertain world and to actually fulfill ones dreams. Henschel is one who has been practicing this for tens of years without fear - 'well almost, to know what exists beyond the horizon before the Grim Reaper comes,' as he says himself. He is able to implement his minimalist plans into great and brilliant adventures. In this special case: 62 days alone in a kayak on the eastern Siberian Lake Baikal. This deepest lake in the world (1,642 m) is located north of Mongolia with a coastline of 2,000 kilometers and is not necessarily a safe area due to its inhabitants and wildlife. The clash of different cultures, the complications that come with it, such as constant encounters with hungry bears, the Russian mafia and the natives like Evenks and Buryats made it a real ordeal 24/7 for him. But the unique landscape, his discovery of the 'soul' of the Baikal, which is called 'Fountain of the Earth' by the natives together with the physical sensation of his surroundings 'while sliding around the lake with my butt on its surface' was the reward: Henschel tells of it - self-critical, honest, ironic and awesome to his environment. Once started, reading this book fascinates, it wakes you longing to realize your own dreams and see this fascinating part of the earth with your own eyes.

The scientist (Dr.) grew up in a village upon the North Sea. The bestselling author of books has written for magazines since 1982, too. After 28 yrs of martial arts and applied philosophy, he lives and thinks extremely and describes himself as a radical realist of the outdoor scene. He is a survival specialist of a different kind. For him, traveling does not consist of start and destination, but the between. Only a few adventurers can incorporate science and philosophy into the texts like him.


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