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Meditation Live Free of Allergies

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Ralph Engeler

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The meditation "Live free of Allergies" will help you in the process of activating your self-healing powers. With the help of this meditation, you learn to bring your physical body, your emotional body and your energy body into harmony and thus strengthen your immune system. Allergy symptoms such as constant sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, shortness of breath, skin rash and food intolerances can be overbearing. On top, you may also feel weak, exhausted and lack motivation. Allergies are often extreme reactions of an immune system that is overburdened. By means of our meditation, we like to support you in your endeavors to improve your situation. During your meditative journey, you will receive very helpful instructions on how to bring your inner immune system dissonance back into harmony and balance. We have created a short and a long version of the meditation for you. The short version is especially suitable for people with time constraints and those who are not yet practiced in long meditations, but still want to engage in enhancing their system. You will be able to calm your mind and raise your energy even with the short meditation, so that your immune system receives your support. The long version of "Live free of Allergies" allows you to raise the energy and coherence in your body even further, so that your body can produce its own chemical substances that enhance your immune defense system. Repeated mediations, especially with the long version, will help you create a new strong and resistant energy body, that protects you from disturbing external factors. A healthy diet will also support your improvements. It is recommended to do these anti-allergy meditations in combination with the meditation for body detoxification, so that you can create a healthy environment in your digestive system, which plays a great role for the immune system. We recommend using headphones during these meditations. In this way, you can absorb the positive effect of the spoken words on an even deeper level of your subconscious. SAFETY NOTE: You should never listen to these meditations while driving a car or operating machinery. The best place is sitting in a comfortable armchair, or otherwise lying down.


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Sprecher Joanne Engeler
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Erscheinungsdatum 04.04.2020
Verlag Humanity in Motion GmbH
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