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Vampula and the Dentist's Secret

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Mark Cosmo

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A ghoulishly fun and exciting story. What happens when a young kid--or vampire doesn't brush his teeth? Well, for this young vampire, Vampula quickly learns that not brushing his teeth has caused him terrible trouble. First, his friends don't want to sit with him. Next, he breaks his teeth. Now, Vampula must go see the dentist! After he refused to brush his teeth and follow his mom's and dad's rules, he discovered that his choices now have major consequences. This means, going to the dentist--his biggest fear yet! Vampula and the dentist's secret is a celebration of overcoming your fears and learning to accept things in life that you can't control. Teaching kids the importance of proper dental hygiene, parents and dentists alike will love reading this interactive story with their children.


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Medium MP3
Sprecher Alexander Rigby-Bishop
Spieldauer 10 Minuten
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Erscheinungsdatum 03.06.2020
Verlag Cosmo Media
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Sprache Englisch
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