1884 / 1884 Rhifyn / Issue 1, Ionawr / January 2020

1884 Band 1

Molly Southward

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1884 is the academic journal of the School of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences at Prifysgol Bangor University. It this, its first issue, a wide range of different themes and topics is covered. Articles range from a discussion of the Norse god Odin, over an assessment of the reign of Charles I. to an analysis of Welsh medieval poetry, to a critical investigation of social support and heteronormativity in an online lesbian community.
Gareth Williams, Cyfarfod â’r Tywysogion : Bangor Students Meet the Welsh Princes (1),
Patrik Howgate, The forgotten influence of Old Norse on the English language (2),
William Luke Flanagan, Charles I: An absolute downfall (3-4),
George Higgins, A brief history of veganism (5-6),
Mark Hagger, What did the Normans do for us? (7-20),
Finlay Tyson, Humour throughout history (21-22),
Alasdair Dow, A eulogy to neoliberalism (23-24),
Sean Collier, Rebel songs of the Troubles (25-26),
Tom Wilkinson-Gamble, China in the 1980s (27-29),
Cai Davies, Marwnad Gruffudd ab yr Ynad Coch i Lywelyn ap Gruffudd (30-34),
Philip Gregory, The Story of the Swordfish (35-38),
Charlotte Jones & Myfanwy Davies, ‘The Man Behind the Digital Curtain’. Investigating social support and heteronormativity in an online lesbian community (39-52),
Jacob Charnley, Gods of the past (53-54),
Richard J. Hayton, The Unlawful Games Act 1541: Controlling recreation and maintaining the class divide (55-59),
John Bailey, Charlemagne’s little brother (60),
Stuart Stanton, The Greatest Welsh writer of the twentieth century (61-64),
Molly Southward, Book Review: Peter Watson, The German Genius (65-66),
James Churchill, History through fiction. How useful are the realist novels of T. Rowland Hughes as a historical source? (67-71),
Tom Wilkinson-Gamble, The four great classics of Chinese literature (72),
Rachael Caine, Book Review: Richard Evans, The Pursuit of Power (73-74)

Molly is an Undergraduate history student at Bangor University with an interest in 19th and 20th century European history specifically. In her spare time, she enjoys reading both fiction and none fiction, writing and volunteering at a local museum. Out of term time she lives in the lake District with her two donkeys and cat.


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Herausgeber Molly Southward, Tom Wilkinson-Gamble, Mari Wiliam
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ISBN 978-3-7529-5090-8

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