• The Last Wild Orchid (An Islands Murder Mystery, #1)

The Last Wild Orchid (An Islands Murder Mystery, #1)

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When a mother-and-son research team gets too close to the grizzly truth, one of them must die. But which? With the cold blooded murderer still on the loose, Mark sets out to avenge his mother's death. But how will he recognize the killer? And when? What will he do to help bring him to justice? And who can he turn to for help once the police declare the case "cold" and close the books on it?

Living in a Caribbean Island paradise, Mark celebrates his twenty-first birthday while facing an uphill battle compounded by a deadbeat Private-Eye father who abandoned him twenty years earlier, a well-meaning but bungling director of marine mammal studies, an international espionage plot centered on the island of St. Lucia, an unrequited love, an aggressive and beautiful young soucouyant, a murderous underground black-magic cult, and a pod of rambunctious dolphins. The results are anything but Flipper in this multicultural tale based upon a true story.

This is the warm and touching yet harrowing and riveting story of a young man's dedicated love for his slain mother and his ongoing struggle to accept his absentee if well-meaning father. And--let's be honest--the sister he never knew he had before finding out that he never really did! It's the tale of eternal life, unfolding in an action-packed universe filled with nonstop suspense, torrid romance, and Caribbean-style supernatural intrigue--a gritty look into another life, another world, and a unique reality, where only the last wild orchid grows.

Born and raised in Chicago, D. J. Herda attended St. Rita High School, Columbia College, and DePaul University on the city's near North Side. He developed and taught Creative Writing Workshop at several Windy City colleges. He worked for years at The Chicago Tribune, as well as at numerous other Chicago-area newspapers and magazines, before becoming an internationally syndicated columnist.

Herda has worked with numerous high-profile corporate CEOs, media celebrities, politicos, and sports personalities, from Jim Liautaud (Jimmy John's), Jack Link (Jack Link's Jerky), and Marc Emory (Heritage Auctions' part owner and European Operations Director) to George H. Bush, Art Linkletter, Lawrence Welk, and Sammy Davis Junior. Besides having published more than ninety books and several thousand short pieces of his own (from award-winning Young Adult titles to adult fiction/nonfiction works, articles, short stories, and scripts), he donates his time to the writing community through his professional mentoring and occasional workshop appearances. He also provides editing, ghostwriting, and book doctoring for a select number of writers and has helped several dozen fledgling authors get their first books published by mainstream publishing houses.

Writing in virtually all fiction and many nonfiction genres, D. J. Herda is one of the most versatile as well as talented full-time freelance writers working today. He presently lives and works in the Rocky Mountains of the southwestern United States. He is represented by The Swetky Literary Agency.
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