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Importance of Life in terms of Dignity and Morality

Of the Spirit of Creation

Helmut Lauschke

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It is the spirit that creates and shapes people, whatever the weather, through nights when there is a storm. It comes from the wholeness and goes into the smallest detail, it goes deeper and comes back to wholeness from the bottom up.
And because it is the wholeness, the design remains inexhaustible, that in thoughts and deeds, which are much greater than the understanding recognizes and believes to be grasped when the father struggles in explaining the child who is asking.
The mind stands stiff when it is supposed to move to the answer; in many cases it is true that it has not understood anything of the content and, to the extent that the meaning is, grips itself in an alien way, because it did not even run out of time and thought ignition are.
The whole cannot be dismembered, not cut up, the great spirit, which fills and guides everything and is everything, allows not only the body but also the soul to graze when it completes what we call the proud human being.
The spirit fills the person who does not even perceive it with the intellect, because he believes that the goal that life sets for him is to be determined beforehand on the path of thought and to approach it persistently. The brain teaser does justice to the mindset.
But it remains the gift of the spirit to man that at the end of his time he will once again comprehend himself in the full meaning of his authenticity. It is the welcome gift at Heaven's Reception when the person still holds the handle of the ‘planetary door’, but is already looking at the other side of the bridge.
Whatever you think and what you look at, you cannot get close to the clarity of the absolute spirit, because your view is not flawless as long as the view touches the conglomerate of molecules, what the looking and thinking distracts, bends and clouds and thus denies clarity. It is the blockage in consciousness that delays and obstructs the step of liberation.

- Kindheitserlebnisse von der “Reichskristallnacht” und den Bombennächten über Köln
- Übersiedlung nach Bautzen, wo der Vater als Gynäkologe eine kleine Frauenklinik betreibt
- sieht als 10-Jähriger wenige Monate vor Kriegsende, wie ein Zug von Häftlingen in KZ-Kleidung von der SS bewacht durch die Stadt zieht
- 1951 Rückkehr nach Köln, um dem “roten” Polit-Terror zu entgehen
- Medizinstudium in Köln und München
- seit 1960 Arzt, 1961 promoviert
- dreijährige Ausbildung in der pathologischen Anatomie (Universität Köln)
- Facharzt der Chirurgie (Universität Köln), der Traumatologie und plastisch rekonstruktiven Chirurgie (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
- 1985-1998 Arzt und Chirurg am Hospital in Oshakati
- zum “Honorary Professor of the University of Namibia” ernannt (1997


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