• Everything You Always Wanted To Know about the Mechanics of Writing Right (About Writing Right, #1)

Everything You Always Wanted To Know about the Mechanics of Writing Right (About Writing Right, #1)

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Here's everything you always wanted to know about the mechanics of writing right but were afraid to ask. Or questions you asked on the Internet and received gibberish in return. Or questions you asked but never received any reply at all. Finally, here are the honest, unvarnished, authoritative responses to questions from writers around the world from one of the leading grammatical authorities and most widely published authors, teachers, editors, and book doctors working today.

True, the Internet is a prolific source of information. But it's not always reliable or accurate, and people who look to it for answers often come away frustrated and disillusioned.

Recognizing that the need for precise information has never been greater, the author draws upon half a century of know-how and experience to provide honest, relevant answers to questions such as how to beat "writer's block," how to get motivated to write, how to create a dynamic opening line, and how to find a literary agent or publisher. He talks about self-publishing and marketing; locating a good professional editor, and writing efficiently and effectively. He brings unique and wide-ranging experiences to the table, drawing upon his years as a book, magazine, and newspaper editor as well as a college-level instructor of everything from analytic grammar and business correspondence to Creative Writing Workshop. He has edited, ghostwritten, and book-doctored for numerous major celebrities, politicos, and corporate scions while conventionally publishing more than 90 books of his own. He has fielded questions from all major social media and Websites from Bella Online and The Authors Guild to Pen America and many North American newspapers for decades. As one of his students remarked, "If D. J. doesn't have an answer, the question doesn't exist."

Fascinating reading and invaluable information--that's what The Mechanics of Writing Right has to offer. Broken down into easily assimilated Q&A's, it's a classic resource, an invaluable reference work, and a sheer joy for writers and readers of all backgrounds and ages.

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