TAKE FIVE! [PARADOXICAL INTENTIONS] Why should God bless America (?) no matter what?!!!

In a nutshell, a slight detour into an understanding of the world.

Christine Schast

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Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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„I can't breathe!“
In unquiet memory of George Floyd, Eric Garner and – regardless of their age, sex, nationality, „looks“ ... whatsoever – too (!) many others of the past having had to „pay the price“ for „America's Everyday Blessings“ since 1776!
(NO)CONCEPT FOR AMERICA(?) – What’s been going wrong in the United States of America?! Have you been ... „in sync“ ... „in agony“ ... in trance ?!!! Well, nevermind! How about making a fresh start! THERE’S SOMETHIN‘ HAPPENIN‘ HERE – „Roots“ ... „Little Big Man“ ... „Soldier Blue“? Actually, the „Founding Fathers“ represent the most divine chapter of U.S. history.
THERE’S SOMETHIN‘ HAPPENIN‘ HERE – Dear Mr President! Many thanks for considering this "uneasy memorandum" of ours and congratulations (!) again on ... well, guess what?! All the best for you and good luck!!! Nonetheless, there’re a few issues, we wish to have discussed before saying „goodbye“ in terms of rendering support at strenghtening your political and „Presidential Fortune“:)! Is that ok with you? Ok! How about taking a little detour first?! Ok, then let’s go!
CRIMES OF THE CENTURY! – As a matter of fact, „Blueprint of Evil“, a German documentary featuring Idi Amin and Manuel Noriega among other, former „Strongmen“ had given rise to dedicating this brief essay to „Idi(osyncratic)“ Putin. Unlike anyone else, „Idi“ Putin epitomises „Deadly Daddy Cool“ Amin as much as „Murderous Multiple Double Trouble Agent“ Noriega. By Russian means, he even seems to compare to hilarious „Semi-Centennial Late Night Front Desk“ Carson. His German language skills are impeccable, other lingual faculties at least stunning!
DONALD DOESN’T DUCK! – Bernstein and Woodward rightfully called Nixon a „criminal“. Isn‘t Trump a „Political CEO of Sedition“?! Actually, Trump has brought more devastation to the American nation in four years, than Covid19 in four months.
AN AMERICAN NIGHTMARE – just take a closer look!
„Kick Out The Jams!“


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