Security Engineering for Vehicular IT Systems

Improving Trustworthiness and Dependability of Automotive IT Applications

Information technology is the driving force behind almost all innovations in the automotive industry, with perhaps 90% of all innovations in cars based on digital electronics and software. Dozens of networked microprocessors and several h- dred megabytes of software can be found in a common compact class car, contr- ling engine and driving functions, assisting the driver and enabling various c- fort, infotainment and safety functions. One crucial aspect of digital systems in vehicles is their security. Whereas software safety is a relatively well-established (if not necessarily well-understood) ?eld, the protection of automotive IT s- tems against malicious manipulations has only recently started to emerge. Even though many European car manufacturers have lately established R&D groups that are dedicated to embedded security in cars, so far there has not been an a- encompassing reference of this topic. The book by Dr. Marko Wolf ?lls this gap, and is by far the most comprehensive treatment of IT security in vehicles available today. A particular challenge of au- motive IT security is its interdisciplinary nature. Dr. Wolf has done an outstanding job incorporating disjoint areas in one comprehensive treatment. The book ranges from the relevant security technologies to a systematic analysis of security risks all the way to solution using state-of-the-art security methods. Despite the fact that much of the material is based on results from the research community, Dr.
Dr. Marko Wolf completed his doctoral thesis at the Ruhr University Bochum at the department of Embedded Security. He is now a senior security engineer at escrypt – Embedded Security GmbH, Munich.
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